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Our Guiding Principles

At Sara Lee we believe that every recipe we make should be the best it can be.

The Sara Lee Declaration of IndependenceWe take great care in finding the best ingredients to make our recipes just perfect. We go the extra mile by only using high quality ingredients we source from all around Australia as our first point of call. And, what we can’t find here, we carefully select from only the best producers overseas.

Our dedicated team of pastry chefs and bakers have an honest passion for what we do, and we bake fresh everyday to deliver what we believe are the best desserts in Australia.

Creating the most delicious recipes is our primary objective – it’s what we’re known for!

We create the most delicious recipes, using generous amounts of the best ingredients such as Australian Wheat, fresh cream, fresh eggs and the most luscious seasonal fruits.

“High Quality” is our mantra and something we take very seriously.

Creating the perfect recipe also entails maintaining the highest level of quality. We work diligently to ensure our quality systems are of the highest standard and we test every batch we bake to ensure it meets the standards we set.

We opened the Kitchens of Sara Lee at Lisarow, on the New South Wales Central Coast in 1971. They were established to supply Sara Lee products not only to Australia but to the entire Indian Ocean, South East Asia, and Pacific regions.  At the time the facility was built this area was covered with orange trees, and we picked those oranges and put them in our orange cake. Today, whilst the orchards have gone, we still add fresh oranges to our orange cakes.

We are one of the largest users of fresh produce in Australia; using large quantities of butter, eggs, cream and cheese, in addition, substantial amounts of Australian flour, fruits and sugar are required to satisfy the demand for our products.
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“No added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives” is our company policy, which we believe, is as consumers expect. The decision to phase out the use of artificial colour and to use only natural alternatives in those few items that require a colour boost was made in 1989.

We benefit from the exchange of technology with our  affiliates overseas, but nearly all development work for our products is carried out at Lisarow. In addition, a fully equipped Quality Assurance laboratory maintains the continuous standards upon which our Company’s reputation has been built.

The Lisarow facility makes a positive contribution to the prosperity of the Central Coast by employing over 400 people. The company also supports the community by supporting the establishment of the Science Faculty (including Food Science) at the Ourimbah Campus of the University of Newcastle. In addition the employees also support several charity days throughout the year.

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  • Iced Cakes

  • Cheesecakes
  • Classic Desserts
  • Danish & Strudels

  • Family & Snack Pies
  • Puddings
  • Crumbles
  • Lasagnes
  • Quiches
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